Monday, March 28, 2011

Acoustic+ 25 March - Barbara J. Hunt & Dizzi Dulcimer

I have thought about this for a couple of months now and this is the first time I have decided to do it; and that is to split my post about the most recent of Frome's very own Acoustic+ into more than one post.
It is on a roll at the moment I think and, as a result, I couldn't really get my head around doing it justice in one go.  The evening started with Barbara J. Hunt and Dizzi Dulcimer - two independently versatile musicians who, judging from what was on offer here, can complement each other splendidly. Barbara J. Hunt plays acoustic guitar and sings...

In recent months Acoustic+ has been host to a fair few of the less common, but it would seem in a wider sense to becoming increasingly popular and better known, acoustic instruments.  Here are two more:
The drop drums look surprisingly like kettle barbeques, but sound a whole lot better, and the café at the Cheese and Grain does very good food anyway...
To say that Dizzi plays hammered dulcimer is obvious: she also tutors learners of them and sells them, new and secondhand, too.  In the last few months the base for this business has moved and thus also become a new live music venue in the vicinity of Frome for, along with her sister, they have also taken over The Bear Inn, Holwell.
It now provides live music, workshops, food, accommodation and of course drinks and, if that were not enough...

On the weekend of 9/10 April a festival of recycled sculpture too!

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