Monday, March 28, 2011

Acoustic+ 25 March - The Off Chance

Acoustic+ - I would like to treat all acts in the same way but if I were to do so that would rather defeat the point of  'Thoughts on Music': Were it totally without my personal bias and sometimes even favouritism, them it would have little point.

'The Off Chance' are an act of which I had no previous knowledge let-alone live. If this appears to be a case of damning-with-faint-praise then that may sadly be the case.
It just happens that the Swindon-based trio were dealt a true baptism of fire last Friday evening and perhaps ended up feeling that the name that they had chosen was all too apt. The fact is that in many another Acoustic+ line-up they could have held their own without a doubt.
If I had one criticism it is that however hard their percussionist worked on the modified stomp-box, and he did, the addition of a full drum kit would add a great deal to the whole impression I think.
It is an observation that is made all the more pertinent because right beside him on stage was exactly that!

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