Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Acoustic+ 25 March - Soul-Rhythmatics

No, I haven't forgotten.  
Last to play were new, young act Soul-Rhythmatics and all credit to them, for the reasons mentioned in other recent posts about this event, they were able to hold the attention of the audience right until the end of the evening.
You might also think that Soul-Rhythmatics is a strange, somewhat old-fashioned, name for a band so young and you would be right, but only up to a point.  If you are not planning to come across all folk, roots or acoustic-indie then there is probably little better with which to try than this.

Two percussionists, three vocalists and a guitar.
Performing last, between the five of them they did what most might have imagined to be impossible and holed-out from what could have been a very dangerous trap indeed.  What is more the ubiquitous, but often incongruous, threads of fairy lights actually looked as if they were meant to be there. The songs were quite sound too but the recreation of an era way before their time (and, if less so, even mine for that matter) was worth the whole admission price.  

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