Sunday, January 03, 2016

Goodbye 2015, and welcome to 2016.

Welcome to 2016 and the end of a drought in posts here. 2015 saw me writing more and more often than for some time and so a couple of weeks away seemed to be in order. One of the things I have discovered over time is the longer the time that I do not write for the harder it is to get started once again. The hardest post of all was the very first. I guess that is why I'm still here 1084 posts later and in the tenth year of 'Thoughts on music'.

Plenty of listening has been done however and some new thoughts are ready to be written down. That is after some unfinished business in regards of those lists of 2015.
It is true that 2015 was the year in which I embraced streaming in a big way. That is not to say that I have abandoned physical formats. This is now rather focussed on supporting new artists, often via crowd funding or otherwise buying music direct from the artist.

Not everything is available to stream although it might seem that way. Even if it were I think that I would still want this LP for real. 
This is one of my treasures of 2015. USPS took most of the money to get it from NYC to Frome!

Forty years ago - and the first LP from the first professional all-female bluegrass band.

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