Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ian Tyson - Carnero Vaquero

There is so much 'new music' to be discovered and it is easy to make comparisons that are unwarranted. Then there is the deadly 'genre' debate.
It is not something that I'm inclined to visit anyway but this is one album that tempts me towards that trap even less than most. The best thing is to keep your ears, and your mind, open to all possibilities and see what comes along.

It is a newish release, by Stony Plain Records on 16 June 2015.

Not new at all is the style of music or indeed the artist for that matter. Ian Tyson was 81 years-young when this album was recorded and as well as being an active, touring musician he still runs his stock ranch in a remote part of Alberta, Canada, that is far removed from the bright city lights of Calgary.
You might be interested in his previous recording history too, for it is a long one, but that is not in any way a prerequisite to listening to this. It might actually be better to listen to this first and then, should you be so inclined, follow the trail back through time. Carnero Vaquero comprises ten original vignettes of a life well lived:
  • Doney Gal
  • Colorado Horses
  • Will James
  • Jughound Ronnie
  • Darcy Farrow
  • The Flood
  • Shawnie
  • Chantell
  • Wolves No Longer Sing
  • Cottonwood Canyon
If I were to be snowed-in at home, which is unfortunately rather unlikely, I'd be listening to this sooner rather than later.

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