Tuesday, January 02, 2018

New Music 2018 - Part 2 - H.C. McEntire - Lionheart

I see no reason not to start 2018 in the manner that I intend to continue.
That is looking beyond the obvious and thus for music that is new to me and, possibly, new to others too. This soon to be released album piqued my interest when I heard a track from it and it is a solo d├ębut release by the artist.

Lionheart - H. C. McEntire (Merge Records, 26 January 2018).

Heather McEntire is part of the vibrant music scene in North Carolina, Durham in this case, and had been associated with the band Mount Moriah, which still includes her incidentally. With this new record she has struck out once again - having also been involved with the very different music of 'Bellafea' or for that matter this, with Jenks Miller of Horseback, and that is before it got really complicated.

That is a whole lot of back-history. This record might just be about going back to an earlier, less cluttered time and finding the time and space to sort the kinks out. This is is 'A Lamb, A Dove' taken from the forthcoming release.

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