Tuesday, January 23, 2018

New Music 2018 - Part 9 - Lindi Ortega - Liberty

Another day, another post. A forthcoming new album from an artist right near the top of those I wish to see live, in this case never having done so before. If I do I'll be one of those people pretending that I don't really know the lyrics that well.
This will be her fifth full-length studio release and the first since 'Faded Gloryville' in 2015. The track-list below is that which I believe to be correct.

Liberty - Lindi Ortega (Soundly Music, 30 March 2018).

Lindi Ortega - Liberty:

  • Through the Dust (Part I)
  • Afraid of the Dark
  • You Ain’t Foolin Me
  • Til My Dyin Day
  • Nothing's Impossible
  • Through the Dust (Part II)
  • The Comeback Kid
  • Darkness Be Gone
  • Forever Blue
  • In the Clear
  • Pablo
  • Lovers In Love
  • Through The Dust (Part III)
  • Liberty
  • Gracias a La Vida
The first release from 'Liberty' is 'The Comeback Kid' and here it is:

I do wonder if the title has something to do with an apparent change of label, at least in part.  Her very recognisable vocal style is still front and centre and on this LP her backing band is Nashville-based instrumental duo Steelism and their side-men.  The producer is Skylar Wilson.

I contend that this in no way a case of doing things by halves. Dare I mention that this is, after a fashion, a concept album?
That is why 'Through the Dust' appears in three parts.

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