Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A great step for iTunes; a dime for consumers?

Today Apple iTunes announced that within six months (yes that quickly) it will reduce its download prices in the UK to be the same as those in Europe. That is good news, in so far as it goes, but as the EU had already decided it must so it is very tempting to suggest this is largely because it would be fined heavily if it didn't.
It is no bad thing but for consumers in the UK but it hardly constitutes a revolution: you'll pay £0.05 (€0,08) or a dime less for a download. That too is no bad thing but does it make everything right on the downloading front?
No it certainly doesn't, so just stop messing about at the edges! While price is, without doubt, important to consumers format/player incompatibility and all the associated DRM problems will remain at the top of the agenda. I'll leave you to guess which industry organisations iTunes principally blame for this situation but it is at least a start and so some credit is possibly due.

See the associated BBC news article here.

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