Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let's Start A Band...

Forget, just for a moment, the music coming out of Wales, Canada and London for here are two more of my favourite albums released in 2007. Both are by artists from Scotland and it seems that there are going to be plenty more to look forward to in 2008...
Firstly one I mentioned last summer but, due to my inadvertent sabbatical, I now realise that it is one which I forgot to review. That is Drastic Fantastic by KT Tunstall (raised in St. Andrews, this is her second studio album), which is happily now also available on 12". I only got the album belatedly and very recently really listened to it properly and now I have I think I'll add it to my list of 'Favourite albums of 2007' for it has impressed me more with every listening. It is better, if not obviously so, than her first not only for its virtuosity and live potential.

It is, however, not to be my only addition and the next is a début album by another female artist who hails from Bishopbriggs, East Dumbartonshire, and plays acoustic as opposed to electric guitar and, just for a change, this is not the cover of the album but that of LA., the third single taken from it.
I had it in mind, last week, to make a prediction and it was certainly not a wise prediction or one that was made by any others that I'm aware of. This was that This Is The Life, the début album by singer-songwriter Amy Macdonald that was first released on 30th July 2007 and has never been higher than ~#6 in the UK album charts in five months of release, would be a bit of a "sleeper success" in 2008.

The title track, This Is The Life, is the fourth single and it vies as a contender for the best but the whole exercise now seems pretty futile.

Oh, The wind whistles down
The cold dark street tonight
And the people they were dancing
to the music vibe...

I was so totally wrong - and so totally right - in a very strange way!
This Is The Life was actually the biggest selling album in the UK last week and so much so that can't supply a copy for 7 - 11 days even though it is distributed by Universal. If it wasn't a solid album, and if it had only the odd good track on it, that surely wouldn't tempt people to do more than download those; quite clearly it isn't, it doesn't and I have an original copy already.

The genre is almost indefinable; it is maybe folk-rock influenced by pop (or perhap
s either other way around). The fact that Macdonald sings without hiding her soft, but definite, accent is rather special. She also plays acoustic guitar in a way that few others do and it does her reputation no harm at all.

The title track This Is The Life is the current single, the fourth taken from the album and the title track, but this is the album that is now making waves and the tracks Let's Start A Band (track 6) [see lyrics] and Barrowland Ballroom (track 7) are arguably better than any single apart from This Is The Life . Macdonald wrote all the music and lyrics other than for than LA (track 8) , which she co-wrote with Pete Wilkinson.
I'll tell you another thing; these are songs just MADE to be both sung and played live and she is not one likely to be unable, unwilling or left wanting - if you have any doubt about that just pay some more attention to the lyrics!

Her second album 'A Curious Thing' is to be released in early Spring 2010.

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