Thursday, January 17, 2008

To listen to in 2008 - Part 1

Things are hotting up after the Christmas hiatus and the next month is going to see a whole slew of releases that I've been waiting ages for.

Here are two for starters:

The London five-piece release their second album, following on from 2005's Cuts Across The Land. In place of 'Loog' it is released on a new label, 'You Are Here', but this album is also released on 12" and so no complaints from me! Touring their first album cemented their live reputation and this one may demonstrate that, with Liela Moss on lead vocals and as principal lyricist, 'The Duke Spirit' are now the most remarkable female-fronted rock band of the 21st century so far.

If that wasn't enough then Glaswegian four-piece 'Sons and Daughters' also have a new album - This Gift - the third from the 'Domino Recordings' artists.
In so far as it is possible to pigeon-hole their music they are the finest exponents of
folk gone punk.

Unless they have turned seriously soft since 2005's The Repulsion Box, which took no prisoners whatsoever, do not expect anything approaching a ballad and even if it sounds like one the lyric will almost certainly suggest something very different. What makes The Repulsion Box quite remarkable is that, while it is performed with military discipline, it was written with unbridled vengeance.

It is to be hoped that This Gift will be available on 12" too, as their previous releases both have been, but I can't confirm or deny that yet. If you know better then please let us all know...

Note added 19th January:
A wet weekend is the perfect excuse to stay home and listen to music while also reading about it! This Gift is definitely available on 12" and the latest single Darling is out now and available on 7".

The above is the artwork of the CD single but I'll put that right as soon as I can! I've heard much of the album already and all I'm going to let slip is that it's been well worth the wait. It was produced by ex-Suede co-writer and guitarist Bernard Butler: a name that is going to recur in 2008.

Added 26th January:

The 7" vinyl artwork, as promised.
By the way the 12" LP of This Gift is indeed a treasure to behold.

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