Friday, January 04, 2008

Moon Rock

I had somehow got it in my mind that Moon Rock, the second album by Paul Steel, was to be released either at the start of this week or the start of next. It could have been me who got that all wrong, or maybe some label issue is involved, but either way give it at least one listen from start to finish! This following is not wrong, on my part at least, as I have had a copy for several weeks now:

It is pop and although quite listenable and also slightly different to most, I still rather hope that this will not be amongst my favourite albums of 2008. It may grow on me in time but like Mika's Life In Cartoon Motion in 2007, which did somewhat, it probably still won't be enough to quite conquer my initial ambivalence. I'd still be interested to hear Paul Steel's first album 'April and I' though. Only released, by Raygun, in the spring of 2007 what I have read of it tends me to think that it might be rather more original (just a random thought).

I admit that this is a somewhat so-so review and an "I'm not really impressed" start to 2008 but then again not everything can be better than everything else and very occasionally I feel duty-bound to point it out. I don't think, on a more positive note, that it sets a trend for 2008...

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