Friday, May 07, 2010

Fields of June - lyrics

I detect a theme this week and if the prominence of lyrics of tracks by Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo is surprising you - the requests for them are certainly surprising me - then please, please try and track down the two albums. This track, Fields of June, is from the earlier of the two and that is Photos, Fires, Fables. It is unusually a call-response duet; the male vocals are provided by Steven Adams of The Broken Family Band while Emily sings the female ones and also plays banjo.

Fields of June

The sky is grey now not blue, she doesn't love me like she used to
there's a cold wind blowing in these trees along the track
She doesn't love me love me like she used to.

Today I told my darling in the fields of June
that I do not love him like I used to
Well the wind began to blow and the sky turned from blue
when I told him that I do not love him like I used to.

Chorus 1:
I burnt my hands trying for our love
and I broke my nails too
so now do not accuse me of going back on our vow
I'm gonna bury you in the fields of June.

How the hell did it ever come to this? How does she not love me like before?
I'm lonely and I'm sorry and I don't know what to do since she told me
that she doesn't love me used like she used to.

Well baby I have reasons that you never listen to as to why
I do not love you like before
And you might be sorry and not know what to do but don't
bother me for I do not love you like I used to.

Chorus 2:
But I broke my hands trying for our love
and if you go I'll split in two
so don't you leave me now and don't go back on our vow
and don't you bury me in these fields of June.

Chorus 2: (repeat)

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