Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thoughts on blogging

If this seems a strange post then please let me explain...

There seem to be many new recruits to this part of the social network revolution in the last few months. Many of them have just started, written one or two posts, and then started to ask questions about blogging. I have, either directly or not, been on the receiving end of some of them...

Many things are common to all internet activities:

  • Don't give personal details recklessly. If in any doubt at all then don't.
  • Never EVER give bank details, passwords or anything similar.
  • If something or someone concerns you, report it AT ONCE.
If you allow comments to your blog, and I do because I think it important that people can comment, then I suggest you choose settings such that you get to review and approve or delete (moderate) them before they appear. I have not yet (in 3½ years) had to delete one because it was in any way offensive but I have declined to publish a few that were totally irrelevant. Others comprised links composed of Chinese script, the content and relevance of which I am unfortunately unable to judge on merit, so I had no option but to reject in ignorance.

  • It is a two way game. Trouble is generally found where trouble looks.
  • Having opinions is what a blog is all about but not everyone will agree with you.
  • If you are reasonable and principled then your respondents will probably be likewise.
If that all sounds a bit gloomy, and rather like advice that you heard at school, then I apologize! Blogging is great. I started out of curiosity and never, ever thought that I'd keep it up beyond a few posts.

That was in September 2006 and I have thus found way more music than I would otherwise have done; of that there is no doubt.
Although indirectly, because I was reading and writing about music, I have met so many people often in the real world as a result of my blog. If I had not started it I doubt that I would have committed to going to festivals again...

As this, when I click 'PUBLISH' [and if you are reading this then I have and it has worked], will by my 452nd published post and I'm beginning to think that it wasn't a mistake to start. I also read a lot of other people's blogs now, so just blog if you want and if it suits you keep it going...



YOYO said...

:) Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Hehe. It's not that I'm not familiar with socializing or social networks or anything... it's just that I usually ramble very much and talk about very random things. I really like your blog and I must admit that I was raised to listen to that kind of music! I don't own any vinyl disks or original tapes, though. When I was little, my uncle and my aunt were part of the rock group that appeared after the revolution in my city, and that influenced me, one way or another. Keep up the good work with the blog :) Wish you all the best!


Danika Holmes said...

Very good blog on blogging. Good tips... most of this seems like common sense... but some people need reminders of what common sense is every now and then! So thanks for your post.

Richard G said...

Hello and thanks for your kind comments.
The reason I wrote this, which is just common sense repeated is This: a couple of questions that I had been asked and also a few things that I had noticed made me feel it worth mentioning. Blogging (and all the rest) is not quite the same as talking to a stranger face to face but that is a fact that is easy to forget in the moment.
Take care and keep up the good work.