Monday, July 19, 2010

Not all is good in the world...

I have recently arrived home after my fourth trip to Henham Park, Suffolk, and the Latitude Festival.  It was as good as ever but spoiled, and this is a caveat shared by everyone that I spoke to, by two rather serious criminal incidents: this is neither that kind of occurrence for which Latitude is known nor that for which it would wish to become so.
I have every reason to believe that the organisers and the vast majority of the festival going public feel exactly the same way and so,  rather than gloss over the subject, here is the very rare and shocking:
This is, quite obviously, in the public domain and in the public interest 
 I see absolutely no reason not to post it here.

The feeling at Latitude was, as best I can describe it, one of sympathy, shock, betrayal and subdued outrage - pretty much in that order.
There is no way that I was going to mention any of the music before posting this.

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