Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latitude 2010 - When the music isn't live.

I'm sorry that I felt I had to post such a downbeat prologue to Latitude 2010 and, if I could, I wouldn't dwell on it.
There was no other way to start and this blog is all about how I see it.  In retrospect I wonder if the success of 'Latitude' is almost an accidental part of the problem. It feels so safe, so friendly, but it only takes one or two to spoil the impression and this is something that should not be ignored.
Would I feel more safe, as a male and regarding things such as assault or theft, walking home in Frome on a Friday or Saturday night or walking to my tent at Latitude?  It's very hard to say but I'm inclined to think I feel safer at Latitude.
I suppose I believe that when I am at home I am in some way "safer" than when I am camping but I'm not really sure about why that is and I certainly don't lie awake in my tent worrying about it.
Theft is one thing - a violation of property - rape is an entirely different matter and no statistics can disguise it. I think that many of us believe, if only quite indefinably, we should have been able to prevent what happened.

Latitude 2010: some pictures:
Here are a few images from Latitude 2010. I've chosen to start with some that are not of live music. Latitude is a truly multi-aspect festival - with comedy, theatre, poetry, film and much more but for me it is almost all about the music.
These are simply about Latitude 2010... the place and some of the many people who were there.

I've posted these without comment for a reason. A good festival is far greater than the sum of its parts.  

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