Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's thought on music...

It is hard enough to even decide on that music which I like.  Truth to tell that is mostly too much of it.
To suggest music for a specific function, however, is far harder still.  God is a DJ but, despite my wishes to the contrary, I most certainly am not!
I'll get over it one way or another. It is not that I lack confidence in the music I like for a minute; rather the milieu in which it will be heard even if I choose that which I think should fit the occasion.  I have the courage of my convictions and yet this somehow seems a real challenge...  All I have to do is bring a few CDs, for twenty-something people, a third of whom I know well.
So why does it seem more of a challenge than going to a festival with 30000+ other people that, almost without exception, I have never met before?  I don't know to be honest but I'm looking forward to the forgoing, without reservation, and I am also curious too.
That proviso aside, and if you want the very best of my somewhat eclectic collection of music that I feel fits the bill, we might even enjoy it.  On the other hand, and in the last couple of hours, I think I have decided on much of what I will be offering.  Nothing scary of course but, I hope, some things not at all well known but generally likeable.
I'd like to think that it will be like this.

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