Friday, July 23, 2010

What's In It For?

Some have been asking, and I have been waiting, for this album to arrive!  The wonder that is the global marketplace has determined that this vinyl album (SP865) has made its way to me from the US via Australia and simply because that was by far the cheapest way to do it. That is patently idiotic.

This was the first outing for my copy of Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo; a 12" LP record just destined to played.

Is it good, like I thought it would be?  Not really perhaps, its rather better than that, and it fits neatly with some of my comments, both recent and forthcoming, on the music at Latitude and, simply because I can, here is a lyric.

What's In It For?

i walked in on a plan to
dissolve all of your wishes
but i couldn't help your mouth
which i missed by two inches
maybe i thought that you and i
could run away alongside
but I didn't understand i was
a cold tear in your raw hide
what's in it for someone with
nothing to do what's in it for me?
what's in it for someone with
nothing to do what's in it for me?
i can read but i won't if i'm sleeping
here without you and all these things
that you learn, i've been knowing since
my childhood. you are tiny and your
lips are like little pieces of bacon
i can feel you on fire 'cause you're
drunk and i seem too cool
know i love it when you put your
fingertips around my shoulder
should i take you to more functions
or would you rather be lonely?
i feel like i'm messing up too much
and i forget where i am, you are
so much wiser and i'm used to
stretching things out so long.

That said the very vinyl virtues are always now going to come with such issues in tow but, as Jack White recently stated, vinyl is the only growing market for tangible recorded music today.  The lyric sheet and associated artwork is just a glorious bonus...

 Devin O'Brien provided the album cover artwork and Rebecca Coleman that for the insert.

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