Tuesday, June 09, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 48 - The Deslondes

Writing a blog is something like handling a heavy train; it is an unending battle between inertia and momentum. I seem to be in the hard-to-stop situation at the moment.

This album was released today by New West Records.
The Deslondes is a New Orleans acoustic five-piece and this is their first LP released as such. It starts with the piano led 'Fought The Blues and Won', which is some claim. On first listen I was much affeared that this was a case of best-foot-first. That was not to prove so.
It has a sense of the timeless about it. That is oft-times a phrase used with a forked-tongue but in this instance even Pitchfork seem to be very much on the positive side.
As for me, well I'm sold on this. This is for summer - if we have one - and despite the fact that East Somerset is notably short of bayous and their accompanying catfish and crawfish I'm always good for any excuse for a BBQ.

This is track #6 'The Real Deal':

It is not in my opinion one of the deal-makers but it shows well both the intent and the acoustic milieu live. The record ends with another slow number led by piano and that is 'Out On The Rise'. It is demurely astonishing.
This is the track list:

  • Fought the Blues and Won
  • Those Were (Could've Been) the Days
  • Heavenly Home
  • Less Honkin' More Tonkin'
  • Low Down Soul
  • The Real Deal
  • Still Someone
  • Time to Believe In
  • Louise
  • Simple and True
  • Same Blood As Mine
  • Out On the Rise
What you may not expect, even after listening to it from start to finish, is that all twelve songs are originals and the band members share writing and singing duties in many and various ways.

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