Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Truck Festival 2015 - Palm City Stage

It is only a few days since I posted the artist list for The Saloon Stage at Truck Festival 2015 and started to comment on it. There is plenty more about that to come, even in the three weeks before the event!
In what has in many ways been a rather dismal week, nothing good in the news, more generally the music side is keeping me sane. I do wonder if, instead of M. Hollande and others amongst 'the great and good', the NSA has taken to snooping on me instead because soft targets are easier to go for after all. Here's how it plays out; the results are impressive [announcements] when it comes to festival line-ups and particularly the ones that I am going to. Please keep up the good work!

Today Truck Festival announced a new stage and one that will make my plans for that festival even more problematic. It is 'The Palm City Stage' and its logo seems to be flamingos and tropical vegetation. It is, despite that and I have no problem there, dedicated to music from Wales and that is a big part of the problem for me. It is no secret that I could spend much of Truck Festival in the Saloon Stage (roots and Americana from both sides of the Atlantic).
It is also no secret that I have long had a soft spot for music from Wales, sung in either Welsh or English, for reasons that I have never really been able to identify, let alone explain.
There will be a lot more from me about this list. 

The first is to mention an astonishing trans-lingual pun. The music can wait, just for once.

If HMS Morris sounds like a rather off-kilter band name, and to be fair it does, then perhaps you should see this from Glastonbury 2015 [strong language warning].

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