Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 64 - Free The Honey - Fine Bloom

I mentioned this forthcoming release here back in April and on Monday, following my return from Green Man Festival, it was waiting for me in my mailbox.

'Fine Bloom', the début album by Free The Honey, is officially released, independently by the artists, on 12 September and I'm hoping that good record shops here in the UK will see fit to stock the physical release too, because it most definitely deserves that. If I had to suggest a likely candidate then that would be Union Records, Lewes, Sussex.
The original trio of Katherine Taylor, Jenny Hill, Lizzy Plotkin, later joined by Andrew Cameron, weave a seam through Americana - from bluegrass to alt- country via blues and gospel - that makes the whole sound seem quite astonishingly natural.
The track listing is below and the CD comes with an insert that details the lyric to each song, which I think is always a nice touch:

Fine Bloom - Free The Honey:

  • take me home
  • high peaks
  • honey blues
  • crooked child
  • a beautiful life
  • hymn for renewal
  • dark and muddy
  • wabbit time
  • vultures
  • waiting for fergal
  • go with the light
  • jenny caught a catfish
  • come up to the mountain

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Joel M. Benisch said...

Fabulous musicians. I know them all personally. And this is not their first release. The released an EP entitled "In Our Hands" containing seven tracks, and a CD entitled "Free The Honey" containing nine tracks, prior to the new release.