Friday, August 07, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 61 - The Mynabirds - Lovers Know

If you are wondering what has happened to my commentary on Cambridge Folk Festival last weekend, fear not. It takes time to sort through the photographs (500+), thoughts and all the related links. In any case I need a change - I'm all folked-out just at the moment.

It is time for something new, the sort of listening that sits well with the chilled end of a BBQ party when everyone left is just hanging and chatting over another glass of whatever takes their fancy. This - Lovers Know from The Mynabirds - is one such LP.
It was released in the UK today by Saddle Creek Records.
I'm not saying for a moment that it is world changing in some way; that indeed is part of the charm of it. Neither is it inane but it is certainly summery in an indefinable way. It is fronted by principal singer, songwriter, and also keyboard player, Laura Burhenn. The rest of the band is just what is needed - nothing more, nothing less.
To sum it up, possibly rather brutally, this is what Lana Del Rey might sound like if she were less in thrall to the melodramatic lifestyle that she portrays in her songs. The Mynabirds' 'Lovers Know' is far from alternately euphoric then miserable; more knowingly resigned contentment. It is certainly none the worse for that.

If you want me to review one truly despondent LP just let me know. Today I discovered an Americana album, one of the best I have heard so far this year. In fact it makes most others look at worst very depressing.
It is that good.

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