Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cambridge Folk Festival 2015 - Part 3 - down at The Den (with an exception)

You might have spotted that my previous post consisted entirely of acts that played the main stage and that this is uncharacteristic. You are right --- this therefore is almost all about The Den, the smallest of the four stages. It is situated in the Cherry Hinton camp site that is adjacent to the Arena and it is Indian-themed, sort of. It is also very red and translucent, which makes photography something of a challenge. I'm not making excuses here, it is for you to judge how I coped with that but it was certainly an issue; an interesting one, however. The music, even if the artists were lesser known, was uniformly awesome.
Here are a few of my highlights; I missed several acts that I would like to have seen, because of clashes, but that is only to be expected.

This first one was someone that I first thought was totally unknown to me. When he started playing I realised that this was not so - simply that I didn't know or had somehow forgotten his name.

Jake Isaac - remember him. I will now. 
His 2014 War Child EP might be a good place to start.

The advertised acts on Saturday evening (there are open slots thereafter) were rounded out by Hampshire-based eight-piece Threepenny Bit, which just about fitted on the stage. Here is just tree farthings (or a quarter of part of it), caught between playing their parts.

From one rowdy band to another...
I have also swapped days and stages, for this is now Sunday evening in The Club Tent.

From Canterbury, Kent  ---  CoCo and The Butterfields.

Finally, returning to The Den again, this is London artist Flo Morrissey (no relation of the other Morrissey, as she mentioned, and tinged with regret I think, whilst introducing a cover of one of his songs). Most of what she played was from her recent début album 'Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful'.
I have mentioned this LP before. Seen and heard live and close it is almost surreal.
Flo Morrissey also plays End Of The Road 2015.

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